Monday, May 31, 2010

Order #62

Name: Miss Y Instrument
Date of Collection: Thurs. 03 June 10
Time of Collection: a.m.
Item: Cupcake
Flavour (max 2 flavours): Chocolate + Vanilla
Size: Medium
Quantity: 25 + 25
Themes/Designs: Oreo + Strawberry
Colour (max 3 colours): NA
Message: NA
Payment Method: COD

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Name: Maz
Date of Collection: Fri. 28 May 10
Time of Collection: p.m.
Item: Cupcake
Flavour (max 2 flavours): Chocolate
Size: Medium
Quantity: 16
Themes/Designs: as discussed
Colour (max 3 colours): red + cream
Message: shikin (love) ridwan
Payment Method: Maybank2U


Date of Collection: 5 June 2010
Time of Collection
Item: Cup cakes
Flavour (max 2 flavours): Chocolate & Vanilla
Size: Regular
Quantity: 16 (for hantaran) & 25 (in a box)
Themes/Designs: Hearts & Flowers
Colour (max 3 colours): Maroon & Gold
Message: Selamat Bertunang
Payment Method: Cash on Delivery

Monday, May 17, 2010


Name: Muni
Date of Collection: 22 May
Time of Collection: Morning (pls let me know when ready ye cik owner izzybakery)
Item: Cupcakes for Mum’s birthday
Flavour (max 2 flavours): Vanilla & Choc
Size: Ade lagi ke size2 ni? Hehe, yg standard la cik owner…
Quantity: 25
Themes/Designs: Manik2 & alat jahitan.
Colour (max 3 colours): Purple + Gold
Message: Happy Birthday Ibu
Payment Method: Bole pakai credit card ke tanya ni..hehe cash on delivery/maybank2u.


Name: rizuan dasrel
Date of Collection: 21.5.2010
Time of Collection: 9pm
Item: cupcakes
Flavour (max 2 flavours): vanilla+chocolate choc chip
Size: medium
Quantity: 16
Colour (max 3 colours): gold+cream
Message: selamat pengantin baru
Payment Method: maybank2u

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Name: Maya Dania
Date of Collection: 23 May 2010 + Delivery
Time of Collection: 4pm
Item: Barbie Princess Doll Cake (Yg paling-paling cantik tau!!!) + Base
Flavour (max 2 flavours): Chocolate Fudge
Size: n/a
Quantity: 1
Themes/Designs: Barbie/Princess
Colour (max 3 colours): TBA
Message: Happy 5th Birthday Dania
Payment: Method m2U

Order #56

Name : Firdaus, Ampang
Date of Collection : 23 May 2010
Time of Collection : AM
Item : Buttercream Cupcakes
Flavour (max 2 flavours) : Chocolate
Size : Medium
Quantity : 12
Themes/Designs : Hadiah kahwin untuk member
Colour (max 3 colours) : Not specify - freestyle
Message : NA
Payment Method : COD RM40